KPET signed on in 1947 as a 250 watt daytime only station. It was part of a post World War II boom in business. KPET went fulltime in 1951. Studios were downtown and the tower was southeast of town, near the city landfill and sewage plant. Call letters have never changed.

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Founders Ashby, Parkers, Woodsons (Kermit Ashby had started KVOP Plainview, later founded stations at Slaton and Canyon)

Ownership passed to group of local and area owners Bradburies and the Conners. Besides KPET, they owned KHEM Big Spring and operated companion FM stations. In the late sixties the group split their holdings so that one family owned Lamesa and one owned Big Spring.

Galen Gilbert bought 690 KPET in the seventies and added a new FM on 104.7 known as KCOT. That is today's KTXC.

Don Sitton worked at the station for 29 years.